Looking For A Quick But Really Intriguing Uganda Safari? I Have Got You Covered.

>>>>Looking For A Quick But Really Intriguing Uganda Safari? I Have Got You Covered.

Looking For A Quick But Really Intriguing Uganda Safari? I Have Got You Covered.

Are you looking for how to spend your 2 free days while in Uganda? A  Uganda safari to Lake Mburo National Park is everything and you need in more as it gives you a unique insider’s sneak peek into the wide Uganda wildlife biodiversity that exists in this beautiful tropical paradise that is so naturally gifted.

Getting to Lake Mburo national park should really be an easy task because this park is the closest Uganda wildlife safari destination as it is located in Kiruhura which is 277 km or 3 and ½ hour drive from Kampala city Uganda’s capital in the western district of Kiruhura and covers about 370 sq. km of land making it Uganda’s smallest savannah plains national park.

Conservation history of Lake Mburo

Conservation in Lake Mburo National Park Uganda began in the 1930s when the Imperial British government designated Lake Mburo area as a controlled hunting area, it was upgraded to a game reserve in 1963. This park was originally occupied by the Banyokore, Bahima people who used its sprawling grasslands to graze their cattle. It was not until 1983 that this park was first gazetted as a game park, except for conservation purpose, the then government of president Obote also had an ulterior motive as to why they gazetted it into a game park and this was to punish the local residents who had supported the anti-regime rebels. During the eviction process, the locals were not compensated for their lost farm and grazing lands or were they helped in resettlement, this, therefore, left them bitter towards the newly created game park. In 1986, the Obote regime lost power, this resulted into the locals regaining power hence they decided to regain back their land which they had lost in 1983 due to creation of the game park. They attacked park officials, destroyed their infrastructure, chased them out of their ancestral lands and killed a lot of wild game. When the new government of the National Resistance Movement took shape, it decided to regazzatted the park but it could only manage to save less than half of the original land expanse that had been gazetted by the previous regime in 1983.

As you explore Lake Mburo national park on this Uganda safari tour, you will realize that this park occupies relatively flat lands with its highest elevation point being 1,828m above sea level and lowest elevation point is 1,220m above sea level and this makes a favourite place for wildlife to thrive to its fullest. The park consists of a number of hills that are dotted in the park and large basins that comprises of a chain of 5 lakes that are interconnected by a large swamp system, it also has varying vegetation types that range from tropical forests to tropical savannah plains and lowland wetland swamps.

What awaits you on a Uganda safari to Lake Mburo?

A safari Uganda to Lake Mburo puts you in the best position to see several of the amazing Uganda safari attractions in Lake Mburo National Park as it is gifted with a rich biodiversity that is evidenced by existence of mammals like zebras, hyenas, topi, reedbucks, deffassa waterbucks, impala, elands, leopards, hippos and oribis. wild mammals aren’t the only tourist attractions in lake Mburo that make this Uganda tour to Lake Mburo a must-do for every Africa safari wildlife enthusiast but it is also about 350 bird species and a Uganda birding safari trip to Lake Mburo gives a chance to see several of bird species such as Shoebill Stork, African Finfoot, White Winged Warbler, Crested Francolin, Barefaced Go Away Bird, Brown Parrot, Emerald Spotted Wood Dove, Nubian Woodpecker, Lilac Breasted Roller, Southern Red Bishop, Black Billed Barbet, Yellow Throated Longclaw. With all these attractions in Lake Mburo National park, a Uganda safaris to lake Mburo National Park should be nothing less than epic because you’re guaranteed a beautiful time as you get to engage in a wide range of tourist activities in Lake Mburo with the commonest Uganda safari activity in lake Mburo National Park being game drives, boat cruise over the Lake Mburo, birding and horse riding biking. Finally, don’t miss out on an epic cultural encounter as you visit the local Banyakole communities that are found adjacent to Lake Mburo Park as part of a series of your safari activities in Lake Mburo National Park Uganda. Would you like to engage in several of the activities mentioned above? Then plan for an overnight stay while on your safari in Uganda to Lake Mburo. Choosing where to stay in Lake Mburo shouldn’t get you rattled because this park has a wide variety of Uganda safari accommodations in Lake Mburo National Park where you can stay as you explore this tropical savanna paradise. Regardless of your class, Lake Mburo has got you covered with an accommodation type that fits within your budget type and class. Africa safari tourists on a high-end budget can stay in any of the luxury safari lodges in Lake Mburo Park such as Mihingo Lodge and Matan Tented Camp. Those on a standard budget can stay in mid-range safari lodges in Lake Mburo like Lake Mburo Safari Lodge, Rwakobo Rock Safari Lodge, Acardia Cottages, those on a small budget can stay in any numerous budget safari lodges in Mburo such as Eagle Nest Camp and Rwonyo safari camp.

Get your weather updates in Lake Mburo right

Birds in Lake Mburo National Park UgandaAs you finally get yourself ready for thrilling Uganda wildlife safaris to Lake Mburo its only right to be in the know of the weather patterns that you’re expected to experience as you visit Lake Mburo National Park. The park experiences a tropical savanna type of climate with low amounts of rainfall- this is evidenced by short summer wet seasons where the area receives between 15-25 inches of rain per month and very long dry or winter seasons with less 5inches of rain per month, scattered umbrella trees, open savanna grasslands with short grass and relatively high temperatures which can rise to between 27-32oC

Who to contact for a safari to Lake Mburo National Park?

Besides being a destination that can be visited on short Uganda wildlife safaris, Lake Mburo can also easily be incorporated in a wide variety of Uganda safari tours such as long Uganda wildlife safaris as well as long gorilla safaris to Mgahing Gorilla National Park and Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. This is possible because Lake Mburo is found along the route to these parks. As a result, many tour operators in Uganda offer both short Uganda gorilla safaris and long Uganda gorilla safaris with Lake Mburo Park being part of the package Some of these safaris companies in Uganda that can offer your Uganda tours to Lake Mburo include Prime Safaris & Tours Ltd, Wild Gorilla Safaris and many others.

Here are some of the best selling Uganda safari packages

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