Aerolink Opens New Flight Route From Entebbe To Mbarara- Uganda Safari News

>>>>Aerolink Opens New Flight Route From Entebbe To Mbarara- Uganda Safari News

Aerolink Opens New Flight Route From Entebbe To Mbarara- Uganda Safari News

Aerolink Opens New Route Flight Route From Entebbe To Mbarara

aerolink opens new flight route from Mbarara to Mbarara. Have you ever done a Uganda safari road trip to Mbarara, if you have it means you understand what it takes to get there especially from Kampala.

For  those of us that haven’t been there yet, lets me take you through what it feels like to get there. Mbarara is located about 260km from Kampala city taking an average of about 4-5 hours to get there. A Uganda tour to Mbarara especially in the public means is quite an experience that you would only wish to undertake if you’ve got a lot of time on your hands. This is because it involves visiting the Kasenyi bus terminal where many of the bus companies that ply this route park and load their passengers from. The bus fare for this tour Uganda road adventure is quite affordable as a one-way bus ticket costs 20000ugx which is about 6 USD. However, during the festive season, this fare easily shoots up to over 80000Ugx or 21USD given the influx of travellers who would wish to travel back to their ancestral countryside homes to spend their festive seasons with their families.

However, all this is about to change for the better for both safari Uganda goers and local travellers who intend to travel to Mbarara city because word reaching us is that Aerolink flight company is scheduled to start flying to Mbarara beginning next year.

This new air route is aimed at easing tourist access to Lake Mburo National Park, as it will now only require to spend one hour to get Mbarara from Entebbe, hence saving you a remarkable 3 hours in transit.  This flight will take place on daily departing from Entebbe international airport at 10:15hrs landing at Nsharara airstrip outside Mbarara city at 11:00hr. The return leg leaves Nsharara airstrip at 12:45hrs to 13:30hrs. this flight is going to cost 220USD for a one-way ticket and 330USD for a return ticket.

History of Aerolink

Aerolink is a domestic flight company that has dominated the air transport industry of Uganda as it operates flights to several Uganda tour destinations and major towns. This company has its roots in Kenya where it was established from in 2012. It is a sister company to Air Kenya and also Regional Air in Tanzania.

In Uganda, Aero link operates flights to several national parks such as Queen Elizabeth national park landing to Mweya airstrip and Kasese airstrip. Kidepo Valley National Park landing at Apoka airstrip. Murchison falls National park landing at chobe airstrip, Pakuba airstrip and Bugungu airstrip. Bwindi Impenetrable National Park landing at Kihihi airstrip and Semuliki National Park landing at Semuliki airstrip.

Destination Lake Mburo 

A safari Uganda to Lake Mburo puts you in the best position to see several of the amazing Uganda safari attractions in Lake Mburo National Park as it is gifted with a rich biodiversity that is evidenced by existence of mammals like zebras, hyenas, topi, reedbucks, deffassa waterbucks, impala, elands, leopards, hippos and oribis. wild mammals aren’t the only tourist attractions in lake Mburo that make this Uganda tour to Lake Mburo a must-do for every Africa wildlife safari enthusiast but it is also about 350 bird species and a Uganda birding safari trip to Lake Mburo gives a chance to see several of bird species such as shoebill stork, African finfoot, white-winged warbler, crested francolin, barefaced go-away bird, brown parrot, emerald spotted wood dove, Nubian woodpecker, lilac-breasted roller, southern red bishop, black-billed barbet, yellow-throated longclaw.

With all these attractions in Lake Mburo National park, a Uganda safaris to lake Mburo National Park should be nothing less than epic because you’re guaranteed a beautiful time as you get to engage in a wide range of tourist activities in Lake Mburo with the commonest Uganda safari activities here being game drives, nature walks and boat cruises over the serene waters of Lake Mburo, birding and horse riding biking are also part of .

Finally, don’t miss out on an epic cultural encounter as you visit the local Banyakole communities that are found adjacent to Lake Mburo Park as part of a series of your safari activities in Lake Mburo National Park Uganda. Would you like to engage in several of the activities mentioned above? Then plan for an overnight stay while on your safari in Uganda to Lake Mburo. Choosing where to stay in Lake Mburo shouldn’t get you rattled because this park has a wide variety of Uganda safari accommodations in Lake Mburo National Park where you can stay as you explore this tropical savanna paradise.

of your class, Lake Mburo has got you covered with an accommodation type that fits within your budget type and class. Africa safari tourists on a high end budget can stay in any of the luxury safari lodges in Lake Mburo Park such as such As Mihingo Lodge and Matan Tented Camp. Those on a standard budget can stay in mid-range safari lodges in Lake Mburo like Lake Mburo safari Lodge, Rwakobo Rock Safari Lodge, Acardia Cottages, those on a small budget can stay in any numerous budget safari lodges in Mburo such as Eagle Nest Camp and Rwonyo safari camp.

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