• Birding in Lake Mburo National Park Uganda
  • Game drives in Lake Mburo National Park Uganda
  • Horse riding in Lake Mburo National Park Uganda
  • Nature walks in Lake Mburo National Park Uganda
  • Boat cruise on Lake Mburo National
  • Sport fishing in Lake Mburo National Park Uganda
  • Cultural encounters around Lake Mburo National Park Uganda
  • Quad Biking in Lake Mburo National park
Birding in Lake Mburo National Park Uganda. birds in lake mburo

The Uganda safari destination of Lake Mburo National Park with 315 species of birds has positioned its self as a rich birding destination in Uganda. The swamps of Warukiri and Miriti along the Rwonyo area and the forest of Rubanga present rich birding grounds. The range of birds in Lake Mburo National Park including the Coqui Francolin, Bateleur, Rufous-bellied Heron, Brown-chested Lapwing, Black-bellied Bustard, Grey Crowned Crane, Red-headed Lovebird, Brown Parrot, Emerald-spotted Wood-Dove, Bare-faced Go-away-bird, Ross’s Turaco, White-headed Barbet, Red-faced Barbet, Green Wood-hoopoe, Common Scimitarbill, Long-tailed Cisticola, Red-shouldered Cuckoo-shrike, Nubian Woodpecker, Yellow-breasted Apalis, White-winged Tit, African Finfoot among others combine to make birding in Lake Mburo National Park a thrilling rewarding encounter. The birding encounters can be arranged to last the whole day or a couple of hours depending on the time that you have at your disposal. The extension to Rubanga forest has the provision of being explored on foot and vehicle though the arrangement has to be made with the management of the park in advance.

Game drives in Lake Mburo National Park Uganda wildlife safari in lake mburo

The savannah landscapes of Lake Mburo National Park contain a range of wild game and are ideal for game drives and wild game viewing. There are a range of tracks that are designed to enable you explore the park in detail. These include;

  Zebra tracks zebra tacking in lake mburo The Zebra track offers impressive views of Burchell’s Zebra alongside other species like bushbucks, oribi and reedbucks. The track connects to Ruroko track junction traverses through the wetland and thick acacia woodland marked by olive trees and eurphorbia species. The adjoining Ruroko track takes you the rocky out crops with opportunities to spot a Klipspringer. The Kazuma track   This track passes through grassland dotted with wood species where the black-bellied bustards are common sightings. You climb the splendid Kazuma hill which offers the great scenic views of Lake Mburo National Park and beyond considering its altitude. The wild game tend to graze on the lower layers of the hill while the open hill top allows you to explore all the five lakes in Lake Mburo National Park. Kigambira Loop

The Kigambira loop trails traverses through the woods and spaced thicket which opens you to bush duikers and bushbucks. The Lakeside Track The Lake side track allows you to explore the water environment featuring the water flora and fauna. The range of water birds dwelling in the water logged areas and swamps that surround Lake Mburo can be seen long this track not forgetting the swamp dwelling animals like the Sitatunga. Game drives are best done in the morning and in the evening and tend to last 3 – 4 hours. The drives are taken along various tracks considering the factor of season and weather. For example in dry seasons, animals assemble around water bodies like lakes and swamps which tend to offer extraordinary photo sessions when herds of animals congregate in mutual co – existence on water shores.

Horse riding in Lake Mburo National Park Uganda horseback riding in lake mburo Lake Mburo National Park which is among the parks usually encountered on Uganda safari tours is apparently the only National Park that offers horseback riding safari in Uganda. The horse back activity which is apparently arranged privately by the adjacent upmarket Mihingo Safari lodge. The horseback ride presents a close encounter with animals more than vehicles during game drives. The horse back safaris are tailored to meet the interests of every traveller in terms of price and duration. In fact the horse encounter ranges from ½ an hour to 3 days inclusive of bush breakfasts, lunches and dinners. The stretch of the open savannah plains like the 4km Warukiri valley presents impressive grounds for horseback safari. The activity allows you to have a picnic breakfast alongside animals or take a sundowner on a hilltop

Nature walks in Lake Mburo National Park Uganda lake mburo national park nature walk

Lake Mburo National Park is increasingly explored on foot. Walking safaris are increasingly gaining ground in park. In fact they are taking over game drive as an activity. The nature walks follow the set trails and the guests are always in company of a ranger guide exploring the wilderness at its closest range. The walks to the salt lick to encounter various animals as they come to lick salt while other walks to Kazuma Hill to gain a lasting panoramic impression across the rolling savannah plains, undulating hills marked by protruding ancient Precambrian rocks, the beautiful acacia vegetation that mark the area and the series of lakes that mark the floor of the wetland system present lasting memories. The walks to the west of the park commences at 7am and tend to last for 2 hours presenting opportunities of viewing the hyenas as they get back to their hiding places and counts of Hippos retreating to the Lake. The Rubanga forest also offers rewarding nature walks with keen interest in birding.

Boat cruise on Lake Mburo National

lake mburo boat cruise

Lake Mburo of which the park derives its name from is positioned entirely within the national park boundaries. The lake has expansive calm waters overlooking an extensive swamp system that adjoins the adjacent lakes. Lake Mburo present the opportunity for boat cruse encounters where the travellers on Uganda safari take some time on water surrounded by sights of Hippos, water birds like Kingfishers and hammerkops and those that prefer to dwell nearby like the famous African fish eagle not forgetting the wild game that draw closer to the lake to quench their thirst including zebras and a range of antelopes. The boats of Lake Mburo commence from Rwonyo jetty and the Uganda Wildlife Authority trained staff conduct the activity. The encounter can even stretch to 2 hours.

Sport fishing in Lake Mburo National Park Uganda. There are only two National Parks in Uganda that have the provision for sport fishing encounter. Lake Mburo National Park and along Murchison Falls National Park have positioned themselves to tap the interests of travelling sport fishermen. Lake Mburo has allocated one of the shores of the lake Mburo called Mazinga to offer the sport fishing encounter. The encounter opens travellers to over 6 fish species of fish and the famous Tilapia fish. The sport fishing encounter requires interested people on Uganda safari tour to come along with their fishing equipment and Authorization from Uganda Wildlife Authority which regulates and manages the protected area.

Cultural encounters around Lake Mburo National Park Uganda

The Banyankole community around Lake Mburo National Park have got rich heritage that can be encountered while on Uganda safaris. The cultural activities provide a ground for experiential tours allowing the tourists to immerse themselves with the community in their daily routine. The cultural activities include participating in traditional hand milking (Okukama), brushing the cows (Okuragaza), sick animal treating, setting out with the herds to the grazing land (Okusetura), grazing its self (Okurisa), playing grazing instruments like flutes (Omubanda), watering cows on soil made water troughs (Okwesherera aha bwato bw’ itaka), traditional meat roasting and grilling process (Okwotsya n’ okukara enyama), preparing the famous traditional sauce made from cow ghee without fire (Okurunga eshabwe), milk pot cleaning and smoking (Okwozya n’ okwitira ebyanzi) using handmade ceramic (Ekicunga) and specially selected grass and tree species (Obwitizo n’ ebiti by’ okwitira), crafting milk pot lids (Okurika emiheiha) not forgetting preparing a calf pen (Okweyera n’ okwarira ekihongore ky’ enyena).

cultural encounter in lake mburo

The Banyankole also do crop farming and have banana plantations thus cultural encounters also extend to include such experiences. The encounters with banana plantations include; participating in weeding (Okukura omwaata), pruning (Okusharira), crop planting (Okubyara) or harvesting (Okusharura) depending on the season, the process of banana food preparation process from peeling to fire making using local fire wood up to serving.

The traditional performances are also thrilling to encounter and you are free to learn some lyrics and participate in playing of some instruments and learn about the dancing. The traditional architectural huts are also thrilling to encounter.

These encounters can be dome in peoples’ homesteads and other organized cultural centers like the Enyemebwa cultural center located close to the entrance of Nshaara gate.

Quad Biking in Lake Mburo National park

quad biking lake mburo The quad biking is also another private tourist activity that is conducted in Lake Mburo National Park. Run by the Mantana Tented Camp, quad biking is one of the most exciting activities that can be allowed in the Uganda safari parks. This trilling experience and fantastic fun derives a memorable experience. The encounter takes a maximum of five people per group and the quad biking experience provides a wilderness experience beyond the ordinary safari vehicles.

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