Lake Mburo National Park is positioned in Western Uganda. Lake Mburo National Park is the closet national park from Kampala for a quick Uganda wildlife safari compared to all the national parks in Uganda. From Kampala, Uganda capital, the park is just a short drive of about 4 hours (227.5 km) via Masaka Rd and Mbarara-Masaka Rd. Lake Mburo National Park Uganda is about 30 kilometers (19 mi), by road, east of Mbarara, which is the largest city in the sub-region.

Lake Mburo National Park Uganda is recommended for short mini Uganda safaris for visitors/ Tourists who have fixed schedules. A safari to Uganda’s Lake Mburo National Park is a life safari adventure full of interesting wildlife and green nature.

Along the road as you head to Lake Mburo National Park

Drive through Ugandan towns and villages enjoying the colorful scenery highlighted with different types of green which makes this the evergreen country Pearl of Africa.

If time allows, there is a chance for you to stop at the Equator and take photographs and have the polar-water experiment.

You may have chance to stop at the Mpambire drum Village local drums and other craft shops and fruit markets.

What to see on your 1 Day to Lake Mburo National Park; Uganda Wildlife Safari Tour


Lake Mburo National Park is the only place in Uganda that supports immense herds of the impalas. It is from this name that the capital city of Uganda was derived “Kampala”. The park is also home to thousands of Burchell’s Zebras, the Topis, bushbucks, common duikers, oribi, Defassa waterbuck, Buffalos, warthogs, bush-pigs, hippopotamus and many others.

Are you a birding fanatic? This is another birding paradise for you to enjoy. Lake Mburo National park has over 300 bird species. This makes it perfect for a Uganda birding safari.

How to enjoy on your 1-day trip in Lake Mburo National Park Uganda  

Lake Mburo National park is perfect for 1-day Uganda wildlife safaris. The tourists check into Park and start their game drive, viewing the animals and birds. The game drive takes around 3-4 hours with Uganda Wildlife Authority Guide.

Besides the game drive, tourists can also do a boat ride along Lake Mburo. There are 5 lakes within the Park and a boat ride along the shore enables visitors view crocodiles, lots of hippos and a variety of birds. This is the highlight of your trip there today.

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1-day Trip to Lake Mburo National Park Uganda
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